Norris Evaluation

Evaluator Participants


Jeanne is a science curriculum writer and has experience with writing and teaching science. She is a good resource for using online websites to find science curriculum. She used Google Chrome on a Mac computer using Mojave version 10.14.


I know Brittany through the science department at my school. She is a chemistry and biology teacher. She and I have spent a lot of time discussing how it would be helpful to have one place that has shared resources for chemistry. She used Google Chrome on a Macbook Pro.


I know Ryan through the science department at my school. He is also a chemistry and biology teacher. I chose him to evaluate my website, because he is very good with technology and usually has good insight on how to use technology for education. He used Fire Fox using a Macbook Pro

Summary of Evaluator's Comments

Jeanne's Evaluation

For design, she commented that I need to fix the spacing and the color of the text over the background color. For content, she suggested that I change the tab called resources to something else, becuase the whole page is suppose to be a resource. Also, she did not think that the resources that I put on the resources page were credible. She made suggestions for more credible sources. For credibilty, she did not see anything about the credibility of the website or where the resources came from on the website.

Brittany's Evaluation

For design, she did not think that my elements had a clear purpose and suggested that I add images. Also, she suggested I change the font color. Overall on the content, she almost gave me all fives. She put there was an issue with the chemmybear link I provided on the resources page. For credility, she suggested that I add an "About Me" page.

Ryan's Evaluation

For design, he suggested that I change the font color and did not like my choice of orange and blue. He found that the color choice made it hard to read. He suggested that I add pictures or videos. For content, he likes the idea of having comments for the lessons and will draw users back. He suggested to add more materials and use a different format other than pdf. He gave me a low rating for credibililty is established. No where on the website does it say who I am. He thought that my website was welcoming and clearly explains the purpose.

Firstname Design Average Score Content Average Score Credibility Average Score Overall Score
Jeanne 4.125 3.857 3.833 3.938
Brittany 4 4.857 4.166 4.341
Ryan 4 4.714 4.166 4.293
Average of each section 4.042 4.476 4.055 4.190

Links to the Evaluator Data

Use Cases

Quick review of the use cases

Use Case #1: A teacher who would like others to have good resources for teaching can use this website would be organized by main topics of chemistry. The teacher would be able to share their lesson plan with a description in the correct topic folder. For right now, I am the only teacher sharing the content on this website.

Use Case #2: A teacher who is in need of a lesson to teach would be able to search and find lessons based off of the organization of the different topics.

Use Case #3: As different teachers use different lesson plans, they can give feedback on their experience of using the lesson plan, and they can also rate the lesson plan. When teachers are searching for new lesson plans, they can use the ratings and comments to help them select the best lesson plan for their situation.

Evaluation of Use Cases

The purpose of this site is to share chemistry resources. I beleive that I make that clear on my website. It would be ideal if I coudl share mor than just resources that I have. Right now, use case #2 and #3 are supported by the website. Users are able to go on the website to search for resources. There is a section that will give them comments about the resources. Use Case #1, however, is not supported by the website. This is because my website does not support users uploading their content to the page. I am not sure how I would set up the website to support this, so I may have to abandon the idea.

Planned Changes to the Design

When looking at my numbers in the average scores for each section, I found that I scored lowest in design and credibility. In terms of design, a common theme between all of my evaluators was that the font color was blending into the background too much. That is a simple fix, that I have already implemented. I beleive that changing the font to black on top of the green background allows for the user to clearly read the text. In the credibility section, my evaluators were asking who is the auther, because there is no description who I am. I plan to add an "About Me" page so the user can easily get to know who I am and understand why my website is credible.

Reflections on Evaluation Process

I was a little nervous to have my peers look over my website and evaluate it. However, the insight that I gained from their feedback was important. Using this checklist as a guide when they were looking over my website, they were able to respond with ideas that I had not thought of. Jeanne's suggestion to include resources that I had not thought of are good ideas that I would like to include. For some reason, I did not think to include an "About Me" section. But all 3 of my evaluators thought it was important for the credibility of the website. This kind of feedback is important, because the users have insight into what they would be needing from using the website. My evaluators have different roles in their jobs, from science teachers to curriculum writer. But they were able to make clear and focus the needs of my website and how I could make it better.

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