Sharing Chemistry Resources


My name is Phillip Norris. I have been teaching chemistry for 11 years now. I got my bachelor's degree in chemistry education through the Univeristy of Missouri - St. Louis, and I am currently working on my master's in education technology through the University of Missouri - Columbia. I have taught physics, chemistry, AP chemistry, and a science research course. I am married to my beautiful wife, Jeanne, who is a science curriculum writer, and we have a 7 year old son, Silas

I believe that science education is very important. Through science, students learn to think critically in order to explain the world around them. As science educators, we need resources that help our students to excersice this skill. I know that I do not have all of the best resources and there are many others out there that can contribute. This website is meant for science educators to share their best practices.

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