Phillip Norris' Basic Webpage

Hello and welcome to my basic website! On this page I will describe the ideas I have for my final webpage.

A Chemistry Lesson and Idea Sharing Website

I would like to design a website where teachers can share their curriculum and lesson plans that have worked well for them in the classroom. I would start off small and focus on chemistry as the subject. It would start off with me sharing my own content, but I would have a forum where other teachers are able to comment and share their own successes with lesson plans that they have used. Thinking big, it would be great if other teachers could sign in and upload their content. Also, it would be great if others could comment and rate the shared resources. The website would be organized by topics in chemistry. It could also have a search option for teachers to look for lessons using keywords.

The needs for this website are as follows:

As a new teacher, and now as a teacher of 10 years, I have found the internet to be an incredible resource in finding ideas for lessons. However, very often these ideas are scattered in many different websites. I will not be able to share my knowledge on all subjects of teaching, so that is why my website would be focused on Chemistry. Also, I know that I do not have all of the good ideas, there is a lot of great ideas in others. This is why I would like to create a website where teachers from all over the internet can share their great ideas.

“Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.” ― Dalai Lama XIV

Other Websites That Share Resources

Chemmybear: This website is run by one chemistry teacher in California. There is a lot of good resources that I have used. However, the website lacks in organization. None of the topics can be searched, and you have to look through a long grid of icons to click on. Some links take you completely off of the website.

Teachers Pay Teachers: This website is very well organized and includes a search function to find lessons. It is not just science, it seems to include all subjects and grade levels. Many of the lessons do cost money, and the costs vary. However, there are many resources that are free. I believe the teachers who share the lesson set the price.

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